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“A healthy mind needs a healthy body”

And we at Hotel Artina promise to help you, become a better you! Our gym features fitness treadmills, bicycles & elliptical machines, the modern equipment is adaptable to all fitness levels and routines. A parallel array of weight machines adds to the comprehensive offerings, while a wall of mirrors and a carpeted stretching area with fitness balls create an inspiring warm-up or cool-down experience.


Tired from all the training...?
Then feel free to give yourself the opportunity to feel euphoria while relaxing!Release stress and tension, increase your vital energy, and deepen the connection between the body, mind and spirit by using our spa!We care for our clients, and our goal is to create a healthy and pleasant environment for them. Please note that in order to preserve the sanitation of our sauna, notify us beforehand for your desire to use it so that we can take all the necessary preparatory steps before its use.
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