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Proti Island Just across Marathopoli

Proti Island Just across Marathopoli and having as its background the endless Ionian Sea raises the island of Proti as a natural seawall. According to the myth, the island attributes its name to the sea god Proteus, son of Poseidon, and is considered to be of great archaeological importance. Over the passage of years, this island was embraced by the people of the area as it constituted a natural treasure of history. According to local traditions, in the past the island used to be a shelter for sailors, as well as a marine hideout for Pirates, who used to hide their treasures there. The island remains even until today a place of great importance as the ruins of an Acropolis of the Mycenaean or Pre-Classical era with a wall and circular turret are still in existence in the island.

This beautiful island

This beautiful island although located considerably close to shore, it is secluded from all the noise and the gas emissions of cities, as there are no houses, hotels or any other facility. There only thing that exists there is the monastery of the Assumption of Gorgopigi, which is located north of the beach Vourlias and attracts numerous tourists, and which is a unique experience to visit. Apart from being a paradise of peacefulness, it is a destination for adventure-seekers as well! During your visit at Proti Island, you can try your strength at various outdoor activities like hiking, scuba diving or even rock-climbing! With routes for all ages and fitness levels, you can rest assured that the island will provide you with challenges which will create you the best of memories to bring back home with you!

For those who seek more settle experiences, a great attraction
for the visitors is the uniquely beautiful beach, Vourlia.

It is located in a quiet cove with crystal blue waters and white sand. Another option is a visit to the monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin – Gorgopigi, which is located to the north of the beach and attracts a multitude of faithful people between the dates of August 15th and 23rd, and which also is a unique experience.

Lastly, an important attraction is also the bay which is located right in the middle of the island and is called Grammeno, where visitors can carve wishes on the rocks for the safe departure and sailing of ships and sea vessels, and let the spirits and angles protect them. The deep blue and refreshing waters are a treat that one can hardly resist as they call for a refreshing dip. Tourists may visit the island at any time they wish with the available boat service from the port of Marathopolis.

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