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It is a great pleasure and honor for us
to be part of a "green hotel" project!

What this means, is that we try to adjust the setup
and activities of our hotel in a way by which we achieve:

Green hotel

Reduction of water waste
Decrease of garbage disposals
Establishment of recycling policies
Minimization of our hotels' overall energy footprint, meaning the amount of carbon.
dioxide (CO2) released into the atmosphere from our daily activities associated with energy consumption.
The provision of biological and local products to our customers.
The usage of renewable energy in order to meet customers' needs.
Through the promotion of environmental friendly policies for both hotel staff / facility and to our own customers.

In order for our hotels to achieve the above goals, we were required to set some new standards in our operations. Hence, we begun by creating a total and complete eco-friendly construction for our hotels!

We started by using thermal insulation materials throughout our buildings, and proceeded in installing aluminum frames on our windows to save energy during winter and summer periods. Moreover, the windows themselves are also energy efficient as they are created in a way for blocking either heat or dew to move in or out of the building.

The buildings are also constructed in a way to obtain geothermal energy for heating purposes. What this means, is that our buildings use the heat which exists in the undergrounds of the earth in order to transfer it to the whole building, thus preserving energy on heaters, radiators and so on.

The hotel also uses energy water-heater, so as to achieve the minimum waste of energy for heating purposes. Also, all sheets, towels, etc. are washed in the process of dry-cleaning so as to reserve water consumption; for the same reason, we have set a strict water saving policy to all of our staff and proposed the minimum possible use of water for our customers.

Furthermore, we have changed all lightbulbs with LED type in order to reduce electricity consumption. Lastly, we use seawater pool so as to refrain from the use of toxics and chemicals like chlorine for the sanitation of our pool, thus highly reducing the toxic disposals of our hotel.

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