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Exactly what Sistine Chapel was to Michelangelo,
the same is Marathopoli for Messenia.

In the South of Peloponnese in Messini, Marathopoli stands proudly looking towards the
West, and the peaceful yet captivating blue of the Ionian Sea. Right across it, God has built a
natural seawall, the Proti Island, which protects Marathopoli from the waves which the angry
temper of mighty Poseidon unleashes. It is certain that your visit to Marathopoli will leave you
with memories that will take your breath away, and which you will remember for a lifetime!

Island Proti

Across Marathoupoli and in the island Proti, a short day cruise will travel you to the endless past of legends. People are always polite and willing to offer you excellent hospitality. All day long the restaurants invite you to taste delicious traditional recipes made with earthly and marine aromas, while also having the opportunity to try the fresh fish for which the village of Marathopoli is renowned for, accompanied with the two products which constitute the basis of Greek agricultural production, olive oil and wine. Start your day from the early morning by enjoying a warm cup of coffee in one of the local cafeterias, and party until late at night in the bars and clubs of the city.


Marathoupoli is located in a place of great touristic importance, since it has an equal distance from various places that are worth visiting: 15 km from the palace of the legendary ancient Greek King Nestor and the Museum of the Mycenaean period in Chora. 25km from beautiful Pylos with its Venetian castle, 25 km from Methoni with one of the largest castles in the Mediterranean, 40 km from the famous town of Koroni, 55 km from ancient Ithomi, 30 km from the delightful town of Kyparissia, 40 km. from the “waterfalls” of Neda. Having
Marathoupoli as your basis, you can access all beauties of Messinia. Around Marathoupoli you will find beautiful sandy pristine beaches, to enjoy your refreshing sea baths. To the North of Marathoupoli (2 km) there is the magical beach of Lagouvardos, to the South (3.5 km) the friendly beach of Agia Sotiro and further down (2km) the cosmopolitan beach Mati.

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